Thursday, March 15, 2012

The script for the Bimbo Zombie Killers! Web Series is coming along pretty well. There's going to be a decent sized cast needed for this as well as a pile of other folks most likely needed to pull this off. It's all on a volunteer basis - we do this for the fun of it and the experience, and I don't mean experience in become professional filmmakers or actors, but the experience of getting covered in blood and gore, killing zombies or whatever the hell I decide to write.

Given the scope of it, 12 episodes, each 5-7 minutes long, there's a lot of work and scheduling could prove tricky. If you're someone with a tight schedule, it's up to you if you want to be involved, but you are going to have to work with us in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This is going to be a little more violent, gory and possibly creepy and slightly scary, to some, in places then the previous two movies. While it'll be just as stupid and goofy and b-movie-esque as ever, I'm hoping to give this a bit more atmosphere. Think of this as our Army of Darkness addition in the Evil Dead Franchise, I'm really looking to up the overall movie experience this time around.

The plan is to shoot over the course of this summer, starting first weekend of July, mostly on weekends, but that plan could shift and alter as the project proceeds. I'm keep the script more or less a secret for now, those involved will only be getting scripts to the episodes they're in. I'll be posting a cast list eventually and deciding who works best for what and working with everyone to make sure they're doing something they're happy with.

Most of the lead roles are already cast, but I haven't finished writing it, so who the hell knows how many people, living or undead, I'll need. You might be needed for only one episode, (one days shooting) or the whole thing. No idea yet, just want to see who's interested.

So if you're up for it, let me know. Send me an email at, let me know what you're interested in doing. If you're waiting an acting role and we've never met, send me a picture and an acting resume if you have one - not that I give a crap about acting experience, but I do like to cast people accordingly. If you look the part, that's enough for me, no auditions necessary. If you want to help out behind the camera, we're mostly covered, but an extra random hand or two here and there is always an asset.

And that's it. I'm hoping to get the first episode out in time for Halloween, although there's the possibility for those involved of having a special screening with the whole thing mashed together as a feature length movie.

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