Friday, August 24, 2012

Heading to Montreal for supplies.

In about 10 hours, Draper Bulger and myself will be making a very brief trip to Montreal for special effects supplies for the BZK! web series. We're heading out tonight around 5:30 from here, heading to Montreal, pretty much getting what little sleep we can in the parking lot of Sial while we wait for them to open, they're close on Saturdays so they're having someone come in just for us - that makes them awesome. And then we're heading straight back as I have a shoot on Sunday morning.

Why are we driving up instead of shipping them? It's way cheaper.

It's going to be a long, shitty weekend - but this is part of the experience of making movies that's kind of fun. It's almost an endurance test sometimes and it's not always actual "fun", but it's an experience nonetheless and one you kind of keep with you for sometime.

So with all these supplies coming in and several shoots lined up I'm taking time this morning to do up a "props deadline" list. What props do I need to do before what shooting date kind of schedule. There's still so much to do, but luckily some of the shots can be done as sort of 2nd Unit type things, they don't have to be done on the day and can possibly be shot later without needing all the actors - but I'm trying to have it all done on time.

Sept 2nd is easy, just a foam sledge hammer. Just need to get a new sledge hammer, seem to have lost my old one I was planning on moulding. Of course I'm sure I'll find it once I no longer need it.

Sept 9th is a little overwhelming. I can't tell you what the prop is, although I've mentioned it before and will no longer ever mention it again until the series goes online. So if you missed it, you'll be surprised eventually. It's going to be damned awesome.

Sept 15th is going to be another nightmare day. A couple things are easy 2nd Unit stuff, but I got bear traps to make - fake ones, I'm not going near a real one for this so don't even offer one up. I don't even care what they really look like, this is meant to be silly and horrible all at once.

The hardest an most expensive thing will be a silicone mask. For our main "villian" instead of prosthetics I'm opting for a silicone mask. I've done one before, not perfect, but I've got a much better grasp on it now and this is the best place to test it out. Hope it works.

And it's all downhill from there.

I've got a few things that would be cool but a pain in the ass and would require a portable gas powered generator. I'm not sure I'm keen on that idea anymore as I once was. We'll see about that one, might not even work anyway.

September's going to be a long month, but well worth it I think.

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