Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So far the BZK! series has been plagued with problem, massive production destroying problems. It feels like I'm spending more time putting out fires than actually getting any work done. I suppose I could just whine about it and give up, and actually I'd kind of like to give up, but I'm already so tied to this thing financially that I can't.

So, time to try to see the positive side of all this. The latest problem is losing one of our lead villains. Actually, pretty much THE lead villain. So what do I do on such short notice that doesn't cause this whole thing to come crashing down? I have some footage shot with him and some shot with the girls and another small scene. I had a shoot cancelled that would have wrapped up a subplot...I try to rewrite it all and see what I can salvage without giving up.

I'm taking this all as a bit of a sign and cutting things down, trimming the fat I guess you could say. So far it's actually working well and I'm hoping to trim out at least 15 pages or 2 full episodes. I don't like the idea of losing episodes but with things so stretched thin right now I need to make up for lost time and doing this actually give me more time to get the important parts done.

Plus I felt the 2nd act was a little repetitive, so this does clear that up and I'm able to wrap up a subplot that was just left open before. I lost some really good sequences, but I'm hoping to replace them with stuff that's just as good. I'm hoping it cuts down on some potentially long shooting days and makes things a little bit easier overall to ensure that we get it all done.

Overall I'm not upset about, slightly stressed, but getting a little more hopeful that this will be seen through to the end. We got a shoot this weekend that wasn't too effected by all this, we'll see what happens.

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