Sunday, September 02, 2012

Day 4 on BZK! Undead in the Water

Today went off without a hitch and nearly right on schedule - that rarely happens. Even with a bit of delayed start we still only went half an hour (maybe even less) over schedule. Not too shabby with only 4 hours and 6 pages to shoot.

Today we did all of episode 2 and I think to date that put us at 1/3 of the way through? Maybe 1/4 at the worst. Pretty good for the major problems that cropped up this past week, like losing our lead villain. One major rewrite later and losing one full episode and 11 pages we got back on track pretty quick. The overall thing moves faster and I was able to remove at least 2 troublesome, potentially repetitive elements. And recasting was awesome. I couldn't be happy with our new lead villain, John MacDonald. He was brilliant. Just the right blend of huge scary motherfucker and campy cheese.

I finished the only real prop of the day just a few hours before the shoot, a foam sledge hammer. Worked great. Really happy with how it turned out.

We arrived a little, got to shooting a little late, but once things got going it was awesome. I kinda feel like I might've been a little out of practice until today. We hit a good stride and everyone seemed to really have a great time. Plus it was a perfect day for filming.

Vance getting hosed down for being a background corpse.
John and Jill as Bo and Daisy.
John reveals how rednecks take a leak.
James Davey as Piss Zombie - you'll have to see it.
Very quick makeup job on Dempsey as Vance
Mary, Amanda and Morgan as some hapless kidnap victims.
Most of the cast from today. Missing are James Davey and Troy Gallant.

Everyone did a great job, I think it's actually going to be pretty damned funny. And of course, the best line of the day:

And finally finally, thanks to everyone who came out today. Great job.

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