Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 6 with zombies

Day 6 on BZK! wasn't as productive as I'd hoped.I happens sometimes and it's really no one's fault other than mine in thinking we can get x amount done in y amount of time. Some days we can, some days we don't. This was a "don't" day. We didn't miss much, just a couple short scenes and one pretty long one. Probably could've used another 3 hours - but given it was not the warmest of days, it probably worked out for the best.

And one thing, I've always known this, but I feel like admitting it, I hate feeling rushed when I'm filming. I can only think of how much time there is left and I can't focus on just getting what needs to be done, done. And done right. So as a result things get a little sloppy - and that's the other thing I think about too. Plus, I really hate having to drag everyone out for something we had planned on doing on this day - it just annoys the hell out of me.

Anyway, we did get some good stuff, I already edited the one scene I really felt was sloppy and it wasn't that bad. I might get a few quick insert shots to make it work just a little better, maybe not. I don't know yet.

So anyway, it's done and on with some pictures:

These shots, other than Julie in the jacket, make it look like it was pretty warm out there. It would've been okay, since it was 22 degrees, but the wind was rather brutal.

Our zombies for the day. My blood is getting thinned out so they weren't as gory as I'd have like, not happy about that but there's nothing I can do now.

This stuff was a pain to shoot. I hate fight scene or action scenes of any sort, they are really the hardest thing to shoot and shoot well. This was okay, not great, but passable at least. The insert shots might help though.

And the cast for the day, I think everyone seemed to have a good time, like they're really going to say otherwise I guess. Anyway, they were all awesome and did a great job.

And of course, the best line of the day:

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