Sunday, September 23, 2012

BZK! Undead in the Water - CANCELLED.

I had to make the call on this today, I've been debating it for some time now whether with all the compromises I've been making if it's worth it to keep going. With each shoot, more and more I'm changing things to make it easier and more and more getting away from what I originally intended.

The lead actors, you know who you all are, have been beyond awesome. The only thing I actually feel bad about in cancelling the shoot is that you guys have done such a great job, it's a shame to just drop it all and move on. So I don't want any of the leads having even the slightest doubt that this decision was caused by them - it's only because of you guys I've kept going on this long.

And I'm going to be perfectly honest here, and possibly insult a great number of people - than again, those that I'm insulting probably won't be reading this anyway so who cares? The zombies. I created the group page, specifically to wrangle in the zombie extras. Out of supposedly 80 people who joined the group just to be a zombie, less than 1/4 of them ever responded to any of the calls for them to come out to shoot.

I could really go on about how disappointing that was but I don't want to. There were some of the extras who were beyond fantastic and who gave it way more effort than I expected. I appreciate people are busy, but there's always enough time when you're directly asked for something you've volunteered for to at least respond - it's only polite.

While the zombies were an issue, there were others. The blame does not by any means rest solely with them. Just a lot of bad timing, bad weather, delays. There was literally so much bad that went on, I think I've forgotten some of because there was always something worse right around the corner to top it.

Today it just finally went downhill far enough for me to just call it quits. We lost days of shooting because of the weather, which then turned out perfectly fine. If that's not something that makes you want to punch a duck in the face, I don't know what would. Unless it's just an asshole duck who deserves it.

There's way more I could say about all this, but there's just no point. We tried, everyone gave it their best (at least as far as I could tell) and what we did get shot was great, but it was just slowly fizzling around the edges until we're at this point. Cancelled. Or postponed I guess.

The Bimbo Zombie Killers! web series idea isn't over, just postponed until next June. I have all winter, and living in the country there's not going to be much else to do, to go over everything and rewrite, make it better and way more over the top awesome. Get all the FX and props ready. It will be way more awesome because of this.

So that's it. No more zombies for me this year - unless I end up doing makeup for Halloween, in which case that's fine.

I just wanted to thank everyone involved who helped out, you all know who you are. Everyone did an awesome job considering the circumstances. See you next year, some of you I'll be seeing very shortly to move on to other project, but you get what I mean.

And for anyone wondering, "Hey, what about the Indiegogo stuff?" Everyone will still be getting what they donated for, aside from the DVD, which is only delayed.

And the Facebook group is gone, so anyone wondering what happened there, I just wanted to get it over with and move on. Anyone interested can follow along on The Monkey Rodeo Project page to see if there's any updates.

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