Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Piss Zombie

How's that for a classy blog title?"Piss Zombie" is actually a credit in the movie, a poor zombie that gets accidentally pissed on. This is not the normal kind of gag I would ever put in a movie, but it's a very slight homage to "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" - one of my favourite movies.

These pictures here, by pixbylorne, during the shoot show the perfect angle for this gag to actually work. It's not shown light this in the movie - mainly to keep the exact distance between the actors slightly obscured since they had to be decently close together in order for it to work, but in the series they'll be slightly farther apart.

All I used was a small $2.00 pressure sprayer from a dollar store and it worked perfectly. Even got nice and warm sitting in the sun. I haven't edited it, but the footage looks awesome and this was definitely another odd moment in movie making for me - specifically spraying blood on another man's crotch.

I normally don't have an outside photographer on set either, but Lorne asked and was understanding about not letting certain things out to the public just yet. Anyway, just wanted to mention again, these picture were by pixbylorne.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Your postings are always highly entertaining!
    Piss zombies & spraying fake blood on male crotches. Just when I thought Fangina could not be topped!

    Kim B

  2. Piss zombie sounds like the name of a campy Japanese zombie movie, like BIG TITS ZOMBIE. Which actually DOES exist.