Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween 2013

Thought I'd do a bit of a post about the upcoming Halloween season.

I realize there's a lot of folks out there who might not realize that most everything posted here on this blog is for sale on my website, www.themonkeyrodeo.com. If you're looking for something different for your costume this year, maybe you're a little more hardcore and like to use prosthetics, I've got a decent line prosthetics all ready to go, ranging from $6 all the way up to $60. Full face pieces, a line of prosthetic specifically aimed towards women - with a better fit for smaller faces - horns, ears and noses. And a whole line of zombie prosthetics and even a line of limited run zombie prosthetics from a movie I shot this summer called Moonshine of the Damned.

I know there's still some places out there doing zombie walks, I give a 10% discount to anyone buying zombie prosthetics for a walk, just let me know that it's for a Zombie Walk and you're all set. And with the limited run stuff, you might even want to order for next year because these pieces might not be around - especially since this was my last zombie movie and I'm not making any more.

Here's some of the zombie pieces I have at the moment.

Haunted Attractions, 25% off all orders over $100. The more you order the more you're saving really. Just mention what Haunted Attraction you're with.

Rejects. In the course of making prosthetics, most turn out, some don't - some of those can be fixed but a small amount can't. That doesn't make them useless though, they're great for experimenting with if you've never worked with prosthetics before or even if you're experienced and know how to get around some of the defects like thick edges or pock marks on the surface of the pieces. 50% off - and that works in conjunction with Zombie Walk and Haunted Attraction orders. If you were wondering about a specific piece, just ask, I might have it. I don't keep a list of what's rejected though.

There's also a whole pile of props you might be interested in, not even for Halloween - maybe you know someone who wants a fake Femur Bone made of latex skinned polyfoam that nice and soft so they can beat people with it without leaving any noticeable marks. Or some weird things in jars? One of which looks suspiciously like a fetal version of some Elder God.

If you're wondering about shipping. It ranges from really expensive overnight shipping, to decently affordable 4-5 day shipping between $20-$40, to very cheap 10 day shipping. Even some thinner prosthetics and smaller pieces can be shipped by letter for $5 - takes about 2 weeks. Overseas shipping? Starts at around $20 for smaller items, however it can take quite a while.

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