Monday, September 30, 2013

Demon Lara Croft photo shoot

So I just had a pretty awesome photo shoot, one I've been waiting awhile to do and I think it turned out pretty damned well. The idea, if it isn't painfully obvious, was to do a Demon version of Lara Croft. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I've been wanting to do a series of I guess what you could call Cosplay Demons. Just taking some fairly iconic characters, not solely defined by the actor or simply their face - more in their costumes than anything - and turn them into Demons, of course. Because that's the kind of thing I'm into.

 Lara Croft was my first thought. Mainly because it's so identifiable and she's huge in the cosplay world - at least from what I've seen. The costume is simple enough too so it's not some massive undertaking - I just had to assemble it all.

The guns were the most annoying. I have a replica Glock 17 and I needed two and I needed to do it quick and cheap. I used the totally wrong moulding material and barely pulled the two pieces from the mould without destroying them. It was a lesson is what materials you can mould with and what materials you can cast into that mould. Still, they turned out decently enough.

The shirt was the easiest thing. It's the same shirt I'd ordered for a duplicate on Moonshine of the Damned. The backpack I was thinking of making, but then found a really decent one to just order for $30.

The holsters were the hardest thing to fabricate and even then, they weren't that hard, just time consuming.

We went to a decently tropical looking spot here on PEI - there's not that many late September. The pictures looked awesome, turned out great. So a huge thanks to the model, Ancelene MacKinnon for getting painted up for this.

I went with a simple paint job, I would've like to have completely coloured her, but I did some photo shop tests and found that too much colour was simply that. Too much colour. I went the simpler route to keep her slightly more on the human feeling side, with some deep purple colouring that worked really well. And although it's not very obvious in a lot of the photos, she had some thick horns protruding from her forearms as well.

The last big challenge was in post. Ancelene has very light hair and rather than have her dye it for this, I opted to alter it in Photoshop - despite my lackluster recolouring abilities I think it worked well for most of the shots.

And I put the ears on a little crooked. Ah well, they can't all be perfect.

*As an FYI, the piece used in this shoot is one of my Limited Run prosthetics and is for sale. So if you're looking at this and simply overwhelmed with how awesome the piece looks - and why shouldn't you be? - feel free to send me an email at foxhenderson @ The piece is called the Kaeliss Demon and is priced at $50 and there's only going to be a dozen or so of these ever made.

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