Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Demon Pirate Photo Shoot

Yesterday, despite two false starts on this shoot, we finally got the Demon Pirate shoot done. It was planned out quite a while ago and the timing, or weather, just never seemed to work out. Although, it did rain at the beginning - as you can see here:

The prosthetic had been used for another project, although designed to work for both and I think it works pretty well. The makeup itself was pretty simple since there were just the face and shoulders to do up - although it still seemed to take quite a while to do.

Most of the props and some costume pieces were all stuff either myself, Heather (the model in the photos) or my friend Kim Bradford already owned. The only thing I had to buy was the blouse - not really something you can find locally in a 2nd hand shop and altering a close enough shirt seemed like too much of an effort considering the time when we originally planned to do this.

Overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Almost exactly as I imagined it would when I came up with the idea. I'm sure some might disagree but the character really looks like something I'd love to see in a movie. Heather and I talked about it briefly during the shoot and again afterwards, but once the pictures were done I really think it would be awesome. Hard to do without a decent looking ship, but something might come up that works without using a ship. Who knows.

So that's it, that was the Demon Pirate shoot. Once again, I think it looks pretty damned awesome.

The prosthetic is yet another in my Limited Run Collection*, it's called the Tortuga Demon. It was designed more for women or anyone with a slightly smaller face than the average adult male. It's $55 dollars and includes the horns in black by default, but if you wanted white horns and wanted to paint them up yourself, be sure to mention that.

* If you never heard me mention the idea of Limited Run prosthetics, the idea is simple. These pieces aren't meant for continued mass production, the mould has a limited life and I might only get 5 made, I could get as many as 30 made. This means a higher rate of new pieces being added to my online shop and much more unique pieces a well. Only a small handful of people in the entire world might ever get a chance to wear this piece.

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