Friday, October 18, 2013

Limited Edition Mummy Hand Prop

I've finally got the Mummy Hand all ready for proper sale. I have 2 versions. There's the "Standalone" piece, that's just the hand itself for $30 (limited to 20) and the "Museum Piece" version for $70 (limited to 10).

The "Museum Piece" includes a stained box with plexiglass lid (so no worried about it breaking in shipping), it's hand stained and lined with Spanish Moss and includes a label on the front of the box indicating the number of the piece out of 10.

The "Standalone" version is just the hand itself, wrapped with gauze and comes with a card indicating the number of the piece out of 20. The hand itself is a latex skinned polyfoam that's hand painted.

A properly coloured picture to show what the hand really looks like, as well as the staining on the box.

I make these to order, so give about 1 week for manufacturing.

If you're interested, you can contact me at: foxhenderson @ Payment can be made through Paypal, or Email Interact if you're in Canada. Right now I've no idea of shipping costs, but I'd estimate around $30-$40 in the US, possibly $20-$30 in Canada for standard delivery. And at least $30 for overseas - at the lowest rate, 4-6 weeks as well.

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