Saturday, September 07, 2013

Zombie Rubber Chicken now for sale!

Finally got around to getting these made, I came up with the idea a couple months ago and was just waiting to have the free time to get it sculpted and moulded.

This here is the very first one from the mould, turned out pretty decently. There were a few defects, but since it's so messed up looking anyway, you don't really notice them and they can be just considered to be some random blemishes amongst the several standard other ones.

It's meant to be pretty much the regular old rubber chick prop but a zombie version. I wanted it to be simple to crank out so I tinted the latex a greenish colour. I'll be doing up several small batches of tinted latex so as not to ruin a whole pile of it, so the colour might differ a little from batch to batch.

They'll be $20, same price as what I've seen the regular rubber chicken sold for. And it's pretty much the same size, about 18 1/2 inches from beak to toe.

The blood splattering on it can be done to order. This particular one wasn't too overly bloodied up, just enough. So if you want your Zombie Rubber Chicken to be especially bloodied or perhaps not so much, just ask.- no extra charge.

I'm just turning them out from the one mould, although I've made a master from which I can turn out several more should I end up being (hopefully) swamped with orders. Right now there's about a days turnaround for each one, I'll try to be stockpiling them a bit so there's no delays.

They're no in the online shop just yet, waiting to get a better image done up, but if you're interested you can order on, just send an email to foxhenderson @

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