Thursday, July 23, 2015

CoralWraith Demon

Did this shoot the other day with a new Limited run prosthetic, the CoralWraith Demon.

CoralWraith Demons are the most unusual of all the Demonic species. They are roughly only 5000 years old, also making them the youngest species as well.

It's believed that around 5000 years ago, a small tribe of Baalmoor set out from the coast of Peru in search of a new home, a storm capsized their boat, crashing them upon a coral reef. In a near unbelievable coincidence, contained within the coral happened to be an ancient species of fungus - similar to the modern day "zombie ant fungus", a fungus controls the brains of its host. While normally these fungus are unable to effect any control over larger creatures, infecting only small aquatic insects, due to the unusual brain chemistry of the Baalmoor, the Demons became infected with the ancient fungal spores.

Only a couple dozen Baalmoor allegedly survived the wreck and washed ashore some time later, the fungus having partially bonded with the brains of the Demons. Their facial structure erupted in a boney mass, making them indistinguishable as once having been Baalmoor. And since the tribe lived quite isolated, this new deviation from their species became a totally new one. Keeping many of the same traits as the Baalmoor, the CoralWraith live considerably longer and even much harsher climates.

The prosthetic itself has limited vision, which adds to it's kind of creepy appearance.

The CoralWraith prosthetic is part of the Limited Run line, it includes 8 resin spikes as well. While it was sculpted on a form suited for an adult male, because the chin is removed from the rest of the face, it fit quite well on a female face as well.

CoralWraith Prosthetic - $55 (CAD) plus shipping to anywhere in the world, email themonkeyrodeo @ to order. There is a limited quantity available, as of July 23rd, 2015, so depending on when you're reading this, it might not be available anymore.

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