Monday, July 06, 2015

Grünhaut Demon

A while ago I decided to create a blank cowl piece for a series of shoots. I had done fully sculpted cowl pieces before and quickly realized their limitations - if you have the money and time it's not a problem, but when it's really just a hobby all those massive moulds and time sculpting several different large pieces just isn't a wise idea.

So I made the simplest thing I could think of, it's actually not even really a cowl, it doesn't cover the neck - which unless there's a major reason to do, it just limits the model's movements. This just covers the head and ears, down the back of the neck a bit and doesn't limit movement.

The idea is that I can add to it instead of creating a whole new piece, so with a different brow or full face piece, the addition of a few horns or something else - I get a whole new, fairly dramatic makeup for a fraction of the effort. And I'll see by the end of all the shoots just how well it works and might offer up a few of these for sale, keeping in mind, they're not perfect, but they're decently effective and easy to use if you have some skill with makeup and hate working with real bald caps.

This makeup was actually intended for a bit of a publicity thing, but it never happened for some reason so I went ahead with the shoot for myself anyway. The makeup took a little longer than expected, but I wasn't rushing and kind of took my time working it out.

I was particularly impressed by the body paint I used for this, first time using Graftobian's ProPaint and I really liked it. I don't say that because I'm being sponsored by them or anything - because I actually will also say I don't like their airbrush makeup - but the ProPaint stuff is awesome. While overall it's probably pretty similar to other body paints (I've only used a handful of other brands) one thing I really liked is it was unscented. Some are overwhelmingly scented and some are just really oddly scented, this stuff...nothing. I appreciate that and I think most people being covered in it appreciate it too.

The main reason I like it being unscented is that sometimes you wonder what the scent is covering up. There's no reason to make body paint smell like something "pleasant" unless you're covering up something unpleasant. It kind of feel like they've nothing to hide and leaving it unscented proves that.

I mention it because sometimes to cut corners when I'm turning altering someone's natural skin colour so dramatically, I'll just photoshop it later. This time around, I actually was very quickly able to colour her hands to match. And with a barrier spay, there was no transference of the colour at all onto her clothes - although the palms of her hands wore a little because of the heat we were working in.

I threw in this last picture because the model, Katie-Rose, had brought this weird doily looking poncho she'd found - and of course had to buy - she threw it on after the shoot and surprisingly it's not as god awful as it seemed. Still seems weird though, but I almost want to come up with a shoot now specifically using that piece.

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