Friday, September 09, 2016

The Ghoul

This was my attempt at a much different shoot than I usually do, something a little more horror related. The idea was a botched medical experiment trying to fuse Demon and Human DNA, or something like that, and the result was a broken, almost diseased looking freak.

The whole shoot was a bit of a challenge, for starters making something with the intentions of it being creepy looking is way harder than it seems, it can easily be silly or campy or just too over the top to even recognize. With the main face there's one giant eye, we realized right away once we got to the location that eye was making it look way too alien - which for me, ruined the whole thing - so it was a challenge with the lighting to draw attention away from it and towards the "normal" eye.

With the "normal" eye being a little sunken looking, it also proved way more a challenge to make sure that eye was at least somewhat visible without over lighting the shots and ruining the creepy factor of them. I didn't think we really got anything after 45 minutes of shooting.

This one actually looked terrible when I first took it, it was way too bright and as far from creepy looking as it could get but after adjusting it turned out to be one of the better one of the bunch.

Once I was sure I got a few good ones to really show off the makeup, we stumbled upon this lighting setup and just do played around with the character of the makeup.

It was a 3 hour (or so) makeup job, about 14 prosthetics, fake teeth, a contact lens, and lots of gauze. The main face prosthetic will be going online for sale pretty soon as well, it's a larger piece, probably more suited to seasoned makeup people as it might require a bald cap.

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