Monday, September 05, 2016

The Witch

This is outside what I normally do, I've always said I don't do old age makeup, witches, skulls or clowns - and for the most part I will never do most of them, at least not for my own purposes, photo shoots or to sell on my site. However, I recently watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters again and I was reminded how awesome, and unique, a lot of the witch makeups looked and was inspired to do one of my own.

I didn't stray too far from the character of Muriel, the main evil Witch played by Famke Janssen. i wanted to keep it simple and pretty basic, so the overall form is just an exaggerated face, then added some cracks in it.

Something I haven't done in ages is to really try to do a clean makeup. I'll admit, I've been pretty sloppy with a lot of my makeup job in the last while, relying heavily on photoshop to clean them up. For me the point isn't about doing a camera ready makeup, but creating the final images, so I don't feel like I'm cheating just being efficient with my time.

This time I felt since it was potentially so simple, I'd actually make the effort to make it as camera ready as possible, and with the except of one seam along the left side of the mouth, it was nearly flawless - and with more effort would have been perfect. So I'm glad to know I haven't completely lost my ability to do makeup properly.

The piece used will be available for sale soon.

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