Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Amanzi Demon - 200th photo shoot.

This sort of happened coincidentally that I had Julie for my 200th shoot. She was the model on my first official Demon photo shoot, and we had this road trip series of shoots planned - that I ultimately cancelled and I'm just as glad that happened so I adapted the ideas to PEI instead of Nova Scotia were we planned to do these.

At the last minute I changed the prosthetics for this makeup, I was just going to use a different cowl. I'm glad I did it because we also ended up just dropping a couple of the other planned shoots since there just wasn't enough time, it was too hot that day and it just felt like we'd already done enough.

The next couple shots were the main point of the road trip shoot. I had found a cool little waterfall in Nova Scotia and I've been planning on using it for years now - I think this is the 3rd, maybe even 4th year I never made it over there.

I found this little area - not exactly a waterfall, but an interesting enough location and only a couple minutes from home too.

The "waterfall" was a bit limited so we decided to head to the beach, which wasn't too far away at least.

It wasn't planned, but we ended up with two very different looking setups on the beach.

And that's it.

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