Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In the meantime

I hadn't really planned on updating this until I had at least one more shoot done. Hoepfully in another week I should have something - schedules are hard to organize these days.

In the meantime, I spent the day working on other part of the movie. One major change has been a new draft of the script - for anyone involved, don't worry, nothing majorly new has been added, just some reworked dialog to clear up some fuzzy point of the story. A completed 2nd draft will be done next week by this time.

Also, I took some time to look at some of the matte paintings I'd been intending to do and trying to make some sense or organizing my FX shots before I get lost in the hundred of files and have no idea what goes where. This afternoon I took a stab at the delapilated cinema shot. Luckily it's just one shot, not too worried about the others - unless it's really obvious. I have yet to check that out, so I may be in for a surprise.

This may be a bad idea for me to post, since it's just a work in progress, but what the hell.


And After

This is slightly rough at this point, I want to do more with the lighting and dirty the place up a bit. It's also only going to be onscreen for a few seconds so remember you won't have as much time to sit and pick out any flaws. One thing I want to add, but I cant at the moment is a fire in the engine of the car, just to add a little extra motion to the scene, as well as a bit of flicker from the lights. And if I get ambitious, I might as some debris blowing across the lot.

Looking at it after it was posted, with the brightness way up on my monitor, I'm noticing just how ugly it looks - definately good to know before the final version.

And here's the after-after. It's the next day from when I originally posted this, I started working on the mask to blend Malice into the scene - it's a fun and painfully long process called "Rotosplining". I'm sure the name alone makes you think, "Gee, if only I could know more about this rotosplining thing!"

This is still not the final version, but a lot closer to it. Obviously in the final version (and you can't tell from this) the fire and the glow from it will be animated. Also the 2 lights will have a bit of a flicker to them. And if I get really ambitious I'll add more debris here and there. This is pretty close though to the final version I'll settle on I think.


  1. LaFang11:45 AM

    Amazing job you're doing on this, Fox. I like it all.