Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some upcoming shoots

While shooting has been rather quiet, I've been really busy with a lot of production type stuff. Some new props, a major script rewrite, organizing a few upcoming shoots and the like.

The new script is pretty much the same as the old, just that over time certain lines changed and certain scenes were shot different then scripted and I'd changed quite a few ideas and images from the way they originally had been written. So a new script was definately in order. Took about 2 weeks of combing through it, condensing some of the more awkward exposition and fleshing out some scenes that didn't have much explaination of what was supposed to be going on - mostly fight scenes.

Added some new little details to the movie, nothing major - just a little extra something something here and there for visual amusement and atmosphere. Like a giant armoured demon, ony has a couple shots but it was added as a kind of Raiders of the Lost Ark moment. Another extra demon, with no lines and no real purpose, I had had the means and it doesn't cost anything but a few minutes time, so why not.

And finally all the locations have been secured, save for 2 (which are really not too much of a bother to think about just yet). And now with the location secured for the finale of the movie, I've also come up with better visuals of how the scene will play out - always a good thing.

I'm off this evening hunting for some old run down house exteriors. Should be fun.

So no real news, other then there will be some major updates hopefully in the next couple weeks.

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