Friday, September 15, 2006

Stills from the movie

Izual (Greg Webster), Malice (Heather Panton) and Karl(myself) hanging out at the bar.

The crazy preacher dude (Pete Murphy) seconds before a good egg pelting.

Ooh, it's the evil mugger (Dan Caseley) about to get his ass kicked.

Malice checks out her spiffy eyepatch.

Malice getting a little lost.

Malice again, but not so lost this time.

Malice and Sascha (Devon McGregor) get ready to check out a really big library...or standing in the doorway to a bathroom.

Malice and her landlord (Miles Gilbert) have words...and then she chops his head off.

Grayson (Derek Martin) talking to someone who's really tall.

It's Grayson and a bunch of temples. This isn't a fully finished shot, it's a composite actually with some work still needing to be done on it. There's no temples like this on PEI...maybe in Murray Harbour.

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