Friday, September 15, 2006

Scenes from The Bonehoarde

This is a series of stills from a sequence in the movie called "The Bonehoarde", it's supposed to be a rather creepy placed filled with ghouls, Malice goes there because a strange psychic named Zed has information for her.

Malice enters the Bonehoarde...

And encounters some of the hungry locals (Draper Bulger).

Yes, that is a jawbone.

The scary red hallway of scary redness.

Another ghoul (Graham Putnam). This part is being reshot with Graham in makeup and acting much creepier.

Guess what movie that is.

Zed (Nikkie Gallant) gives Malice a funky looking knife she found.

Zed...hey, she's blind and creepy!

And this jolly little fellow is The Resurrectionist. He doesn't play well with others.

This is pretty much all shot, just requires a reshoot and some post work to tidy up all the loose ends. There's 2 major matte paintings that need to be done; one of the opening as Malice enters The Bonehoarde and another as she approaches the cinema, the exterior isn't run down enough looking.

I'll post some shots of the reshoot of the sequence with Graham after it's done on Monday.

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