Monday, May 28, 2007

Bile Demony Goodness

I've set the date for this scene finally and am awaiting word back. It'll be Heather's last scene for the movie - aside from perhaps a few closeups I might need to fill in a few blanks (sorry you had to hear about here, Heather) - but they'll be tight closeups, shot against a dark background so I can then manipulate then to put them into the appropriate shots. There'll be three or four shots at best.

In the meantime I'm working out the details of the Bile Demon scene. The location is hopefully the same, I have yet to get word back or confirmation either way. I started a little while ago working on some of the props and armor the demons would need. Most of it has been long since taken care of, but with the addition of the Uber-Bile Demon, I need to create some cheap, cruddy looking armor - which is nearly done.

And as well, I thought it would be a good idea to create from more foamcore weapons duplicated. The swords the Bile Demons use are replicas of the the Uruk-Hai swords from Lord of the Rings.In case you're wondering: yes they are (1) very heavy, (2), sort of sharp and (3) 32 inches long. Because they're so heavy I was concerned about the actors swinging them about. Now they won't be swinging them over their heads like a dead cat in every shot, but there are certain shots were I'd like it look as though they were swings these HEAVY swords as though they were nothing - and of course there's that safety issue as well. So, more formcore weapons it is.

Since I'm in a taking-pictures-from-the-internet-to-show-you-what-we're-doing, sort of mood. I thought I'd show you the Bile Demon prosthetic that out actors will be wearing. On the left is the natural uncoloured version, this is what I have to work with. And on the right is what it couple potentially look like. All depends on how I feel. I'm thinking more green though, seems to suit something called a Bile Demon.
And then we have their funky contact lenses they'll be wearing. Sorry for the small image, it's all I could find.
And then we have these delightful gloves for them. The sad part about these gloves is how much of a pain it was to order them and then how cheap they are. They look good here, and actually do form this angle in reality, but there's no underside to them, just a cruddy little fabric glove for your hand and an equally cruddy little elastic for your forearm...What do you expect for $12 I guess.
From there we'll feature the Spike of Valania again, already pictured a few time throughout the blog. The only other weapon in this scene is an axe which gets swung at Malice's head...not really, it's a movie!

It took me forever to find a even this quality image of the axe, I guess it's not much of a big seller. It's not sharp or anything, it's dull as it could possibly be. But, what's really cool about this axe, is that it was actually very prominently feature on Angel, I believe it was Wes's Bavarian Battle Axe, or something like that. I thought it was cool anyway.
What else? There's very little CG in this scene - always a plus for me. But there will be some very funky visual effects for a couple shots. This is one of those scene with a lot of real props, which I think makes it a little more fun and easier for the actors. We'll even have some actual Bile Demon bile...I won't tell you what it really is.

There'll be a big funky Soul Lock on a wall. Don't worry if you're sitting there thinking "Uh, okay...he said Soul Lock as if I should know what he meant...I feel uncomfortable and awkward now." I made it up anyway, it's not real or anything. It's just a fairly elaborately strange looking symbol that will appear on a wall. It's an easy effect, but should look pretty cool.

How it works is this: a Soul Lock is attuned to one person's soul, usually the individual using the lock - therefore they should be the only one capable of opening it. However, like all locks they can be picked, and Malice just so happens to know how. It looks like nothing more then an occult-ish symbol drawn on the wall. What it is really is a small portal, a portal to a void that the user can place a smallish object in. In this case, a very important artifact has been hidden away behind this Soul Lock.

I think that's it for the most part as far as props and fun stuff. This will more then likely be my last update until I shoot next. I hope to have lots of stuff to post in the week following though - maybe even a little video or two.

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