Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No news is...good news? If you say so.

Well, nothing new to report. However, things are about to get hectic over the next 3 weeks. Maybe 4.

On May 16th, we're all set to shoot the finale of the movie. And there's a million and half little things I need to try and keep in mind on order to pull this all off. It's a fairly large shoot, for what it's worth. We're going in at 7:00 PM and not coming out until we're done, which might be roughly around 2:00 AM.

I'm hoping it all goes pretty smooth, I'm going to be doing some FX tests over the next week when I can get a chance - my paying job is taking up a massive amount of my time, but is going quite well. I have to finish a little FX test for a shot that was added to compensate for my lack of preparation from a previous shoot. Malice now has magical healing abilities, better then Wolverine it seems. So I'm adding in a quick little shot to show a cut on her face healing up. Should work, did some crappy little tests, but I want to do a decent one to really get a feel for it and I'll probably post it here.

As well there's a lot of other things to prepare for. For instance, there's a part where Malice throws an axe at a giant CG demon. Well I can't very well let Heather lob the real thing, it's pretty heavy and even if I keep everyone back, there's still a chance it could damage something. So I'm creating a couple "stunt" axes, made from lightweight wood and foamboard. They won't look awesome, but it's a quick shot just so we can see it's actually Heather, not Jordan, and that's she's really throwing it. And then it will be replaced with a CG axe from there...It's nothing if not overly complicated

And one other thing I'm preparing for is that I will need for the final fight to not only create the computer generated Mal'Vash creature, but a CG version of Heather and Steve as well. They won't be heavily relied upon and will only be seen in long shots or for a very quick cutaway. However, I'm also going to get some hi-res images of the entire room so I can then recreate it entirely on the computer, so if there's some horrible incident where I miss a couple shots, I can hopefully use the computer generated versions of my actors and set to fill in the gaps.

I'm hoping I won't have to rely on it, since it will by no means be perfect looking or fool anyone if I have to linger on it too long - at least I suspect that will be the case.

So here's hoping it all comes together

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