Thursday, May 17, 2007

One more down.

Well, last night actually wasn't too bad. It was a little hectic and stressful, but overall I think we got enough footage to end the movie.

Aside from some massive continuity issues, which I'm learning to live with, I don't really have too many complaints. Although I'm sure if I tried I could come up with many. I took a very brief look over all the footage - not going to bother posting anything right now since it needs a huge, world-sized amount of post done to it all.

Rather then light the room and deal with shuffling lights all night long, I decided to leave the overhead lights on and try to clean it all up afterwards and make it look a little darker in the room. Only reason for that was because of time. We probably would've been at this for 3 or 4 more hours if we had to contend with shifting lighting.

I keep going over in my head how much work this last scene is going to be, and if it's worth it. I hope so is all I can come up. Doesn't sound that confident, I think mainly because I broke my brain and it's hard to even remember how to spell most of the words I'm typing right now. (By the way, thank god for that auto-spell check thing or this would be a mess.)

I might post some stuff eventually with some rough visuals after a fashion, but for right now I'm pretty busy so I'm not sure when I'm really going to get around to working on this. I'll probably start processing the shots to find the right look, cleaning it all up and whatnot, see if there's much we missed, how much has to be made up out of CG to make it work - all that fun stuff.

That's pretty much it, thanks again to everyone who helped out - it probably would've been slightly hellish if even one of you hadn't shown up. I'd like to give you all more praise, but I'm too tired right now.

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