Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some photo-fantasticry

Okay, that's not a real word. Nor is it even a slightly good word, but it does describe this post quite well, whether you like it or not dammit.

I'm writing this while my laptop goes through the painful procedure of converting the 108 pictures taken during the shoot the other night. So far all I can see are all the images from the room itself, should be more then enough - and that will be a fun time in itself recreating that whole room in 3D.

So, while we're all waiting for the photo-fantasticry to happen (I have to add that word to my spell check now), I might as well mention some new minor developments in the movie. This won't require you to rethink you world views or anything, not that important or earth shattering. Just some thoughts I had after looking at the footage.

More and more I had issues with cleaning up every shot to make the overhead lights look off with any sort of realism - there's a bit of a glow from them in some shots that is impossible to remove. (I see some pictures of Draper being converted now...Calm down, you'll see them eventually - just keep reading) So I can up with the idea of adding more to the front end of the scene - don't worry Heather, doesn't involve you at all.

I decided to help set the scene better to have more of a lead up to the final showdown by following the security guard into the place and perhaps giving the viewer a little more of a sense of what this building is, why it's abandoned - and even make an excuse for the lights being on. We simple show the guard hitting a breaker, then a few cool scenes of lights flickering on. Hopefully it won't slow things down, or cause the movie to take too much of an abrupt turn.

So now I can stylize the lighting a little better, still a lot of work, but the whole scene will end up with a very odd feel to it. I'm going to very quickly remove my actors from the shots, recolour the background to be a little dimmer and blue, bring up the glow from any lights and blur it a bit while leaving the actors relatively untouched - a little colour correcting, but not too much. Should give it a bit of a peculiar, almost shot-against-a-green-screen sort of feel...I really have no idea if this will work - but I did get the idea from Heroes, so that makes it cool.

Well, onto the pictures. By the way, they're not in any order that I'm really aware of.

Blurry Draper has a ball!

This is why I bought doughnuts...
Don't eat dirty balls you found lying around.

Steve looks slightly concerned about something in this picture...
Perhaps it was finding out that Heather had to stab him in the gut
after slamming him into a brick wall.


Haha, look everyone! Will got drunk and fell down again.

And then Draper just had to add insult to injury.

Okay, so I'm waiting for more to convert now. So far so good. As you can probably see, those of you who weren't at the shoot - we had quite a few folks there. Draper as usual was there. Kim Johnston was helping out behind the scenes - just an extra set of hands and eyes, always good to have that around. Steve Gillespie in his first scene, although it's his last in the movie - he the big bad guy who's buggering everything up. And Will Beckett, who gets killed.

So of the others in the background you're seeing are Heather Panton - obviously. Her double, Jordan Berzins, in case you're wondering "Wow, is Heather that important she needs a double?" Well, sort of - but she is 5 (?) months pregnant so there's not much choice. Also there's Jason Birt - the guy responsible for Heather needing a double (I seriously don't mean that to sound bitter, I was going for a slightly more funny thing there).

Anyway, more pictures.

Does this make you feel funny in the head looking at it?

Yet another really dangerous prop. I stabbed by thumb with this thing.

Another awesome makeup job!

That is what you call "Pissed Off Looking."

Just look at those expressions of awe and wonder
as they watch the magic of movie making!
Hey, now's a good a time as any to point out I started another blog - for those of you who look as excited right now as Jason and Jordan do while you're reading this. It's just for myself really, as an exercise in self-indulgence I thought I'd use it to keep track of some of my other projects. I think there's a link to it at the bottom of this page - don't look now though, you'll miss something exciting, better wait until I'm done here.

This scene was just to justify why I bought all those weapons.
I'm not making a movie by the way, I'm doing a documentary to prove
that under the guise of movie making, you can get people to do
completely ridiculous looking things...Including re-enacting scenes
फ्रॉम He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
So there you have it. Not really a whole lot to see really, mainly because the bulk of this scene is post work.

I'll also point out, not pictured in any of these picture, but very present on the scene, was Moe Chandler - it was her who took these, just in case you didn't realize what I was hinting at there.

Alright I guess that's it for now. I've been working out the details on Heather's last scene for the last couple days, hope to get that started pretty soon, then it'll be another vacation from the movie for me for about a month or so while I get everything ready for the last 5 or so scenes.

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