Monday, April 14, 2008

Making armor for my demon army

I had a fairly productive couple days in regards to creating the demon armor. I think I mentioned I’d taken a trip to Halifax to visit Tandy Leather (as far as I know the only place in the maritimes you can really get decent leather) and get some first hand advice on what I should do.

My experience with leather work is minimal, so obviously the designs pretty much reflect that. Plus it's supposed to be demon armor, not formal evening wear. I just needed some advice on what I needed, hence the visit to someone who knows. I got to talk to Brian, the manager, and I ended up with 65 sq. feet of leather, for about $170 or so.

Once I got home I started into it. And within about an hour or so I managed to have the first piece, one of the bracers, completed. I won’t say, “oh, the process is incredibly easy, blind, fingerless monkies could do this stuff”, but if you have a head for this sort of thing – it’s not too hard to get started making something this simple.

It took about 5 or so hours in total to do all 4 sets of these. The longest part of the process is preparing the leather and dyeing it, otherwise it's a decently fast procedure. These aren't anything fancy, as I mentioned, but it should look pretty good once the entire costume is put least I hope, but then again at the worst it can look is a little campy and that's still not too bad.

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