Saturday, May 03, 2008

Location Re-scouting

I've made some decent progress over the last couple weeks.

I've been working away on the armor for the Demon Army for the upcoming shoot. As well as rethinking and making some new pieces for the Brotherhood. None of them are highly professional looking pieces, but I think they're pretty good given what they're needed for.

Bracers are easy enough pieces to create and tend to stand out the most I think. So I made sure each character has their own distinct set.

It wasn't until I took this picture that
I realized I made a mistake with these ones.
They're supposed to be opposite to one another,
not like this - ah well, no big.

I should be done all the leatherwork part of the process in another week or so when I get more time. I've also managed in the meantime to get more pieces ordered as well, most importantly the prosthetics for the demons. I was worried that by the time I got around to ordering them, they wouldn't have enough in stock and I've have to look for something else - the company doesn't seem to update their stock very frequently.

Otherwise, there's been some really good progress with the opening sequence as well. It just seems to be lagging in getting off the ground. This last week I managed to get things rolling again. I had to rethink to location because my original one was based off it being winter - it's not so winter any more. I changed it to a location I've used it in a couple other project, neither of which were mine - so this is my first time shooting my own stuff out there.

We're shooting in a little valley in Orwell Corner, if you're familiar with it, you know why we're shooting there. If not, I've got some pictures for you.

It was pretty soggy out there, it had been raining off and on for two days straight. We went out to get some ideas on Thursday, then decided it was good enough to actually do some shots on Friday, as well as finally do a few run throughs of the fight scene choreography.

The shots went quickly. The run through was a bit of a task. It paid off though, we discovered a few flaws in it and were able to make some fixes, add some new parts and whatnot. It was actually pretty fun.

About 5 minutes in through, I snapped my practice sword. Which I guess shows we weren't holding back. In any case, if all goes well we hope to shoot this in the next couple weeks. The storyboards are nearly completed and I think it'll be a pretty good opening.

Now we'll just see how things go until we shoot again.

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