Monday, May 12, 2008

Two posts in one day! Exciting!

The reason for two posts today is that some stuff arrived unexpectedly early. The prosthetics. This was the part I was worried the most about, one of those things that you have you get dead set on when you see it and you know that nothing else will really work. They're nothing too crazy, but there's just something about this particular prosthetic that I really liked.

I like this, I guess because, it was just different enough from the average monster face. I suppose it's kind of werewolf/vampire looking to a degree -whereas this sort of solider demon character is normally very orcish or goblinesque looking.

Here's all four of the little buggers.
And a swanky closeup of one.
It's odd though that I'd be so picky when really only the nose and mouth will be really visible once the hood is on - but I see it as part of the foundation of the characters I guess. For me, just knowing that's the face under the hood is what works.

Anyway, there you go. One more thing down.

I also just got word of 2 more shipments, one should be here tomorrow or Wednesday - with this one down I'm able to finally get my scene as The Beast over and done with. The other shipment - maybe late next week are just the gloves. I'm still waiting to hear back about the swords for the Demon Army, hopefully it'll be good news.

I also wanted to point out, these came from Makeup Mania, there's a link over there on the side if you're interested.

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