Friday, May 23, 2008

The Orwell Shoot, Part 2

As the title suggests, this is part 2 of the shoot out at Orwell. So iffen you haven't seen the first part, I highly recommended you read that first.

And now, on with more pictures...

This picture pretty accurately portrays
how I felt the bulk of the day.

And now, for the big finish!
The New Wyld Stallyns!

There you go then. I'm planning to get around to doing a rough edit of the footage this weekend, hoping it works out.

And I'll take this space here to say thanks again to you guys that were out there. Draper, Kim and Kim - thanks for dealing with the bugs, the less then hospitable environment, the ultra, high speed shoot and me being a cranky, crusty, impatient demon all afternoon. Not all our shoots are that rushed and stressful, this was an exception to the norm.


  1. Draper: I'm Draper S. Bulger, Esquire!
    Fox: And I'm Fox "The Demon" Henderson!
    Draper & Fox: And we are... WYLD STALLYNS!

    Man, We rule... WYLD STALLYNS RULE!!!

  2. I was thinking... did you want to make a poster out of our Wyld Stallyns pose and throw a gimmicky little tagline along the bottom? Just an idea... food for thought.