Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A quick update

Preperations for a quick shoot on this coming Saturday and the opening fight sequence are well underway. There's been a few new added shot of the Beast as our hero, whose been given the name of Dunham in the last round of storyboarding, tracking him down.

To keep the scene a little brisk I'm doing a shot of the Beast rushing through the forest for every shot of Dunham doing the same. As well as a quick series of shots of the Beast bandaging up his arm - his freakish green blood being the thing that leads Dunham to him. Kind of a Predator homage in a way.

I spent the day taking care of some final details. I gored up a shirt with some demon blood for the Beast. I worked on preping the makeup, the bald cap is annoying little bastard - the slightest nick turn into a massive tear, so I did some patchwork and it looks good to go. I also had to touch up a real sword to match the fake sword. The fake has a gold looking hilt to it, while the real was silver - some gold paint took care of that easy enough.

So Saturday I'm running my new camera person through her paces, kind of a trial by fire. I figure I can get her up to speed, get some extra shots done now so we can just focus on the fight scene - which I've tentatively scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

So there should be some good stuff to see soon enough.

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