Saturday, May 24, 2008

The outcome of the Orwell Shoot

I spent several hours today going over the footage, editing it, colour correcting it and roughing out the minor visual effects shots. I've just a few minor tweaks and it should be done.

One that the worked really well was the colour correction - the weather was shifting all during the shoot, some shots were bright and sunny, others came out a little flat - I can't tell the difference anymore just by looking at these stills which ones were which.
It's not perfect, but I never expected it to be. I wanted a quick fight to open the movie and this will do just fine. The actual fight is over a minute, the opening itself I believe is about 5, should work out just fine.

So, here's some stills from the near final edit.

And now I can take a bit of a break again from this movie for another couple weeks, then I've got potentially the bigest disaster or most awesome scene I've ever shot.


  1. The stills from the footage look great. Action Jackson... aaaaaaaaaaah yeah!

  2. I think that the June shoot will be bar none the AWESOMEST thing that you have ever shot if everyone is on the ball. Hopefully we can narrowly avoid disaster by making sure that everyone is caffeinated and knows their marks.