Friday, June 18, 2010

Awesome stuff

I got more supplies today. I hope to get the Flex FoamIt hatchet made this weekend. The mold of the handle is done I hope to get to the hatchet head itself today and it should be ready to go and be all ready for hacking people up on Sunday. I hope - god knows how busy I'll be otherwise.

The "otherwise" just happens to be the sculpt of what will soon be the Randall Meincke silicone mask. If you're wondering who the hell is Randall Meincke, that's the name of the deformed kid who is raised from the dead in Breath of the Dead. And so far, I'm pretty impressed with how he's coming along. I'd love to show you, but I've forced myself to put a bit of ban on any images of him until the movie is completed.

The actors won't even get to see him until the first shot he appears in the movie, and even then they won't know exactly when he's coming or where he's coming from. There won't be any images of him from the shoot being posted either - until after the movie is released.

If all goes as planned the movie should be available pretty quickly. We're doing live sound, all live special effects - as little post work as possible. No CG or anything of the like, the most I'll be doing in post is colour correcting and enhancing the sound effects and the music. So this could be ready before Halloween, which seems like good timing.

That's it for now, I'm about to try casting the foam hatchet handle.

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