Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Grayson & Gortch Update

I guess it's a bit of an overall update really. In any case, I believe I might've mentioned that I've postponed Grayson & Gortch until mid-July, maybe even later depending. Things are sort of all colliding right now, project-wise. I'm trying to wrap up Cronus, get things ready for Breath of the Dead and I've got a bunch of little projects I'm either helping out on, volunteering on, etc. and it's all getting to be a bit much. This should lighten up a bit after this week, but it doesn't help balance out my financial situation. Seems the poorer I am the busier I get.

I'm hoping to get a few items ready and have the online store up and running come July as well. This should help things if I find some decent ways of promoting it. I might even use eBay at first. I don't know yet. I've got enough to think about that's happening right now anyway.

Anyway, the good thing that's hopefully coming out of all the chaos  is the possibility that the silicone mask idea will work out. If it does that's a huge jump in what I expected I'd be able to do this summer and it makes things a little more versatile and efficient for other projects.

While I love the hell out of doing prosthetics, they are limited in a lot of ways. Silicone masks will allow be to do background characters, or extras, without the worry about making sure I'll have time to do the makeup before the shoot. That's a huge bonus. Another thing is that they encompass the whole head, while a prosthetic (that I'm able to do now without a huge oven) are just face pieces, so there's concern about the actors basic face shape and hair - this isn't a problem anymore.

Now what all this means for Grayson & Gortch, as the title implied, I've had time to look at the script and see where I can make changes that will save me time and money. This happened a lot with Malice. One scene that was pretty boring and would've cost me a rental fee was bothering me. It's a crucial scene, where the two main characters are introduced. I was always a little annoyed with it's simplicity. Not any more.

Originally it was two pages in an office-ish type setting. Now it's a raid on a drugged out vampire den who are holding human hostages. That might seem like it's more work and more money, but it's not. The actors are mainly the same, some roles are just adjusted slightly. And it's much more of a cool little scary action scene.

Where the silicone masks come in are the vampires. I don't want to do traditional Buffy style vampires, these are a little more feral looking - they are junkies after all. So I just make one mold, do a couple different paint jobs, a couple costume changes, and I can turn 3 or 4 actors into almost 10 or more vampires.

I'm even contemplating making foam stakes and I'll get to use some crossbow props I was given last year. Should be pretty cool. I just need an old house or barn now.

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