Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Another one over and done and DVDed. It should've been done weeks ago but the company I ordered the 3D glasses from were pretty poor about communication. It was taking forever for them to arrive, so I sent an email, asking how it was shipped and if there was a tracking number, no response. Sent a couple more and eventually someone responded, acknowledge the shipment was probably lost if it still hadn't shown up and FedExed me another shipment.

So the DVDs are all done. I'll mention this now in case anyone's curious, they're not for sale unfortunately. Not at this point in time. These were made specifically for the people involved in the movie. So why am I posting this since they not for sale? Because I wanted to.

At some point in the future, the very far future, they will be for sale. I might even make them available for download from the site, for a very small dollar amount - once I figure out if that's possible or not.

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