Monday, June 14, 2010

Postponed Dead

It was a pretty quick decision to make, but we've postpone shooting Breath of the Dead until Late July/early August - the problems ranged from casting and actor availability, time and money and other things.

Can't say I'm upset about it, as soon as I was told that 2 of our last minute replacement actors were unavailable I actually was relieved because the choice was made for me. There was simply no way we could pull all this off in two weeks. So now I'm looking at 5-7 weeks - much easier.

In some good news, I got the mold done for the hatchet handle. I'll be doing a hatchet and sledgehammer, the heads and handles will be done separately. And the mold turned out pretty damned good, I guess we'll see when I get the material to cast it this week.

So that's it, nothing major things will go back to being quiet again for the time being.

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