Sunday, July 04, 2010

Crazy Old Voodoo Lady

I finally got around to sculpting the prosthetic for a "crazy old voodoo lady" from Breath of the Dead. It's not perfect, it's my first time attempting realistic looking old age makeup - I've seen way worse in way bigger budget movies.

In other news, I've got a couple new projects in development and made some changes to some current projects. I'm hoping to apply for a grant for The Brotherhood movie to be shot next summer, it'll allow me to make it look a little better then I'd planned.

As well, I've started a new project that's not a movie, but still heavily relies on the prosthetics and masks - actually without them there is no project. It'll done over the course of the next year to be finished by June 30th of 2011. It's going to be a book of demons, at least 100 of them, more if I can swing it.

The idea is a book of photos of demons in their everyday lives, most of the photos will look candid as we see regular old blue collar demons at work, or a couple old demons drinking at at bar and each will have it's own little story. It'll be done as though the photographer himself is a demon, a demon named Karl Wendham, and these are all the demons he knows.

So this is the first I'll be saying that the Karl movie won't be happening. It was supposed to be a mockumentary about Karl, but I just couldn't get a good idea I was happy with. So instead that project has been split into two projects. One being the book and the second I'm not ready to announce, it'll probably be ready in December, maybe earlier though.

I think that's about it for now. I've been slowly working away on getting things ready for Breath of the Dead and I'll probably start up on Grayson and Gortch again pretty soon if I can as well.

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