Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost in LaMancha all over again

Breath of the Dead is hitting wall after wall. Nothing that anyone is at fault for, just bad timing and bad circumstances. The latest of which is the lead actress breaking her leg - we're down for at least 8 weeks now. More production time means a better project hopefully.

Grayson & Gortch will hopefully resume soon, I just need to familiarize myself with it - part of my agenda for the day.

So, through a series of poorly timed events, I was left with a weekend available for filming with some actors, but nothing to film.  I feel like this summer so far has just been a wash out as far as accomplishing anything and I was getting a little tired of it - I don't say that to offend anyone who feels they might be responsible for causing any delays, these kinds of things just happen.

It goes without saying I think, that I want to shoot something - not literally, I mean film something. The problem being I've got nothing lined up, no script, no ideas - nothing. I knew the parameters this mystery project had, as well as a couple other birds I could kill with the same stone, so to speak, and that's what I had to work with.

I got together with my girlfriend (and production assistant, producer, etc.) and we brainstormed an idea. Took about an hour I think, but we ended up with a really great little idea for a new project. I don't want to reveal what it is, but it will be shot the weekend of August 7th and probably will be online within that week if all works as it seems like it should.

All I will say, is that it's called Home Sweet Hell and I think it'll be pretty awesome.

And now I've got a script to write.

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