Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finger Food

I had asked the other folks involved in my latest project not to talk about it and I've been blathering on about it here and there - but I know what I want to let other's know about and what I want to keep quiet, so it's easy to just tell them not to talk about it.

So the official word is this: I'm doing a new project, a brand new, not mentioned before until the last post, project. As I mentioned last post, it's called Home Sweet Hell, it's a last minute sort of time filler project that's actually going to be really good considering it wasn't something planned and thought out months in advance.

There's a good amount of special effects and makeup work, all reasonably doable for a 1 day shoot. the cast is already assembled and ready to go, we're doing costume shopping over the next week or so. The script is two/thirds done and coming along way better then I'd hoped.

It was designed for a quick turn around, no CG, live sound, one location - very simple. There's a lot to be done before August 7th, but I'm pretty confident it'll all work out. And in the meantime I've even managed to get Grayson & Gortch back up and running.

So I'll leave you with this:
Yes, I'm giving you the finger.

With all the supplies I've had left over from the previous two project I'm able to throw together some decent little props as well. This silicone finger is one of three. Not perfect, but pretty cool nonetheless.

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