Friday, October 22, 2010

Another scene for Grayson & Gortch done. 3 left.

Got another scene done. Should've had only 3 scenes left, but I had to chop up the last scene in order to make it work, so there's still 3 scenes left. Had a god shoot though, despite getting off to a late start. But everyone knew their lines so that made things happen pretty fast. Thanks to everyone involved. Draper Bulger, Derek Martin, Tim Gormley, Corin McFadden, John MacDonald and Patrick Poirier. And now for some pictures.

Tim, Draper and John
Draper and John
John, Tim and Draper
Patrick and John
John and Patrick
Tim and Draper
Corin, Me, Tim and Derek
Tim and Derek
Corin, Tim and Derek

I normally plan things out pretty well, but I decided to just make it up as we went last night. Turned out well enough, although I haven't edited the footage yet - but I got more then enough so I reckon it'll be good.
And now some stills - these haven't been processed yet, they're straight from the camera, it'll look much different in the movie.

 I added this picture because it wasn't until I was going over the footage last night I noticed who was sitting on the right side of the shot. Luckily I can easily remove him.

And that's all for now. I'm thinking about making a huge change to one scene, had some issues with our location so  I'm debating about rethinking it. Specifically the Vampire Raid Scene, the location is under renovations so unless I can find something else I think I'll try a different idea - no clue what that idea is yet though.

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