Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zombie Photo Shoot

Got another photo shoot done today. It was a pretty good day to sneak off to a cemetery for a zombie picnic, I was a little worried we might cause some problems should we use a very public graveyard and have some visitors stumble upon us, so we use a really old one, or at least we stuck to the older section of it. It's a pretty secluded place, so no worries at all.

The makeup turned out really good, never did a zombie makeup before and I was pretty impressed myself how it turned out. The model is Julie Laforest, and here's some pictures:

Zombie Mughshot

Here's the prosthetic used in the shoot:
The "Zombie Mouth" prosthetic is for sale on The Monkey Rodeo website for $25 (CAD), or you can place an order just by emailing me at, just let me know how many you want, your address and how you want to pay (US and International via PayPal and Canada via PayPal or Email Interact).

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