Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boring, non-picture update.

You may or may not be wondering, "Hey, where's all the awesome pictures, aren't you doing photo shoots or making movies or something?" The answer if, if you're wondering, "Not at the moment." And if you're not wondering, please leave and allow strange beasts to devour your soul because you obviously have too much time on your hands reading blogs you have no interest in.

Now that that's out of the way, onto the potentially boring (non-picture oriented) update.

The main bit of boringness is called Business Plan writing and Market research. In a word (or two) it sucks. I can't complain because I chose this business so now I have to prove it's worth the effort...somehow. There seems to be a real lack of assistance or willingness to provide valid or useful information out there. I did get some decent feedback from a couple companies I've already sold to, so that was somewhat useful. It doesn't cover everything though - also isn't helping that the person who's supposed to be helping me write this has suddenly become unavailable without any notice.

I tried an online method someone referred me to. That was a dismal failure. Either on my part for not phrasing the questions properly or whoever attempted to respond for not having a clue what I was talking about and not being the right person I was hoping to find. I was looking for people, indie filmmakers - either them or people who know them - who might be able to provide me feedback about the worth of there being a indie SPFX shop available to them. Is that a service indie filmmakers would have use for or do they already have tonnes of friends who could do it for them.

All I got was a link to a website that doesn't work. Not really the sort of research I'm interested in paying for. You found a website, hooray for you - you couldn't checked to see if it was even being updated or was currently working. Still I sort of appreciate the effort, it just was ultimately of no use.

I've posed this same question to a couple online forums in hopes of getting some feedback, positive or negative at this point I don't care. Just some response that has some thought behind it would be nice. Then again, this is the internet, perhaps I'm aiming too high.

I do have some information though, no specific market information. Like age range or anything like that, I guess I'll have to shift my thinking over to the more generic "Halloween Costume Market" and hope that information translates. This stuff sucks.

And in other news, I haven't been doing photo shoots or filming anything, mainly because of lack of funds and supplies. I've been doing what I can, sculpting some new pieces, designing some new stuff - that's pretty different in some way from what's out there on the market already. So that's some good news at least.

So things remain boring for now. Hopefully that will change in the next few months.

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