Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some new prosthetic photos

Aside from getting Home Sweet Hell done, I've been busy the last week trying to fill another wholesale order - it was shipped out just this Friday. Most shops like images of the pieces before and after they've been applied, usually I would just use photos from the photo shoots I've been doing, but not all pieces make it into a photo shoot. Here's a couple images of some pieces you might not have seen before.

These are a resculpt of a previous pair of ears I had made,
they'll be redone yet again to work out the kinks in the demoulding process.
A totally new pair of ears, they turned out pretty good.
I've used this nose in a movie before actually, 
never had a really good product shot of it though.
And this is actually the first nose I ever made,
never used it before until now.

After this last order I've decided to restructure things a bit as far as my work flow goes and how things are done. If you've been reading this then I think I might've mention starting to use master moulds bascially they'll allow me to redo my  moulds without resculpting the pieces. This is of course a bit of an undertaking and most all my pieces will slowly be redone from scratch over the next while, new pieces being added here and there.

I'm debating about doing a piece, using it in a photo shoot and then seeing how it's received by retailers before redoing it for a larger scale production. Or something like that. The master moulds will be expensive to make so I don't want to waste time making master moulds of pieces that no one wants - at least as far as larger pieces go, smaller ones are just good practice and sell easier anyway.

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  1. Applied and blended in these look great man!