Monday, March 25, 2013

First Zombie Eater Concept Sketch

The latest, and hopefully final, rewrite of the Moonshine of the Damned script sees the addition of a new antagonist, the Zombie Eater - himself an undying monster, cursed to consume the flesh of zombies. There's a lot of integral plot details surrounding the origins of the Zombie Eater are being kept secret until the series finally is finished - however, he's also the only new addition since last summers version of the script I can actually show or discuss without spoiling everything.

I don't have the patience to draw like I once did and as much as I'd love to do proper character sketches of some of the stuff I do, I just get bored with it so fast now once I start.

The character will involve a full head prosthetic, possibly some hand prosthetics as well. The sack he carries around will be filled with zombie heads, either as trophies or future snacks.

I'm hoping this addition to the script, as well as the other unmentionable ones, will set Moonshine of the Damned apart from being just another typical zombie movie.

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