Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Lord of Tears news

 I got an email from Lawrie Brewster about his Kickstarter campaign for Lord of Tears and from the sounds of it, it's going incredibly well for him - and so it should, the movie looks really good and a nice change from the T&A-fest, failed-Tarantino-style-dialog with  cheap, lazy production values, kind of horror movies being cranked out by what seems like every other indie filmmaker out there - myself sort of included, but please don't ever compare anything I've ever done to Tarantino, that's just mean and hurtful.

Rather than attempt to rewrite all the updates he summarized for me, I'm going just plagiarize it (like some other lazy indie filmmakers do with their scripts) and copy & paste it for you:

* We reached our first goal on Kickstarter - the new goal is £10k ($15k) and we'd really appreciate if you like the film, any encouragement for folks to pre-order. Mainly because the film may not be available through traditional distro until next year, and so we're really trying to get $$$ for a bigger batch order this year so more people can see the film. So any encouragement for folks to check out and consider pre-ordering the DVD's despite us reaching our first goal would be mightily appreciated.

* Lord of Tears has been accepted into the San Diego Comic Fest to be screened in October

* Lord of Tears has been available on pre-order through Kickstarter, it met its goal after 10 days (hooray)

* The kickstarter page features a new trailer for the film that has won some acclaim, being tweeted by Jim Parrack (True Blood) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) Elizabeth Fies (The Commune) and Signe Olynyk (Below Zero)

* We have a viral style video of the Owlman stalking teenagers on Omegle/chat roulette

* Exclusive stills taken of our antagonist (the Owlman) from a Victorian Childrens Hospital.

As a fun point of note, his Highness Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki became an Executive Producer for our film.

The Kickstarter page is the only way to pre-order and view the film at present. As we said before we'll be delighted to post a screener to you for review when available.

Kickstarter -

The Viral Video -

New Monster Photos -

Comic Festival Announcement -

Film Photos

Artwork -

Trailer Link -

So if you like actual horror movie and not thinly disguised porn with even more thinly disguised acting and writing - you might want to check this out and support the project.

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