Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blown out Zombie Head

I've started work on making the Severed Zombie Head props unique looking, I can't have them all looking exactly the same with just a slightly different paint job - something a little more drastic was needed.

So I started with the base here, seen here next to the first painting attempt.

And he ended up like this. I went with a slightly greener colour this time around as well. What I did was simple cut the latex skin out and rip out chunks of the foam inside, which was then coated with a thin coat of latex to seal it back up. I then took some cotton balls and latex and just ripped up strings of the stuff and very crudely sculpted around the wound and added some stringy bits.

After I painted the whole thing the trick worked really well. I'm pretty happy with the result. Looks pretty grizzly.

Once I get more heads made I'll just do them all up in one batch over the course of a couple days and I'll end up with a decent pile of messed up Zombie Heads. Should be fun.

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