Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leprechaun Toe Earrings

I originally made the Leprechaun Toes as keychains, but I was worried about the durability of the silicone part of it holding up against the wear and tear of being in a purse or pocket and rubbing against the sharp edges of some keys, so I eventually went with this idea - Leprechaun Toe Earrings. Although I am still selling them as keychains, just with a warning.

Sure, they're odd, but that's the point. I felt some folks might like to show them off a little more than just having one on a keychain, what better way than dangling from your ears?

They're really lightweight, the silicone weighs next to nothing as does the resin center to which the hardware is attached. Since they're made of mostly silicone they're also quite soft and disturbingly squishy - much like you might imagine a real severed Leprechaun toe to be.

They're made to order, a single pair can take about 2 days - although I do usually make more than one pair at a time so you might luck out.

Shipping is decently cheap, I can ship them as a letter, for right now I'm assuming that I can ship worldwide for a flat rate of $5. You can order by emailing me at or you can head over to the website and see what else might interest you.

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