Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ain't no cure for a Delvian Demon Run hangover

Some behind the scenes pictures from the other night of filming.

Coming on the end of some lengthy exposition.
That just looks kinda cool.
Some of the props from this scene.
Heather looks way to amused by something.
And that green crap again.
If you saw how this looked behind the scenes,
it would totally ruin the effect, so I'm not showing you.
I took the time after all last night to do a rough edit of the scene and was surprised how quickly it came together. I took more angles then I intended to for certain parts and I'm glad I did. My reason for not wanting to originally was because doing the setups can take up so much time, and by the time we had the bulks of the scene over we'd only spent just shy of 90 minutes shooting, so it was more then worth it.

What took up so much time was the setup for the FX shots, but I think I mentioned that before. It was worth it though, I think I had enough footage to get the timing I need for the FX and the setup for the entire image in the green liquid in the bowl effect. So overall I'm pretty happy with the way the scene came out, it's a little dark in places, but I'm getting used to that still and it doesn't ruin it, just means I have to pay more attention.

So everyone involved can breath a sigh of relief, we're all good, that's one more major scene over and done with. And as far as what's left to shoot, with Heather there's one more really major dialog heavy scene that involves her and a computer generated creature in a giant computer generated library - and then after that I think she has all of 8 lines left for the entire last 20 minutes of the movie.

We're getting ready now to do The Library scene - which while it'll be fairly simple to shoot will end up being the most work in post of all the scene in the entire movie. The set will consist of just a doorway and the surrounding area, about 10 feet in all directions. The rest of the set will be a massive, several story library where all the books are alive. So there'll need to be some very careful planning to pull this off.

If you don't hear from me until then, don't be surprised, my head might have exploded.

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