Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Titan

Didn't film so instead I took the time to work on some shot ideas for certain scenes, test of some FX ideas and whatnot. The main thing I worked on was The Titan, it's the first first effect you'll see in the movie.

The Titan is supposed to be the last of an ancient race of gods. They kinda look like giant statues, with a bit of Mayan style to them. Since this is the first presence of the supernatural in the movie, I wanted to make sure it was way over the top to really set the tone for the rest of the film - so a 200 foot statue-like god seemed to be the best way to go.

The scene is a flashback to 1980's, Grayson hurries to meet with the Titan, who has news of the impending apocalypse and some unseen force that threatens everyone - including the Titan itself - who is suddenly struck down by a strange shimmering figure, carrying an equally strange looking dagger...So basically, the movie opens with the death of an ancient god.

So, since there's no new images otherwise to post - I decided to post a couple shots of the Titan.

Still working out the finer details on it, trying to get a sense of scale to it, right now it doesn't exactly feel like something as large as it should be, just needs more detailing. The actual textureing should help with that. Right now it's pretty well just this:

And a rough version of the texture so far:

There's a very good chance by the time it makes it to the final version it'll look much different too. Even after just posting these I've already had a about 10 different ideas to really make it look much more realistic and get the sense of scale across better.

Anyway, thought I'd post these - at least there's something to look at for now.

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