Monday, November 06, 2006

The Titan update

Yup, it happened. During the last post and now, I've redesigned the Titan, not completely, just doing some tests and buggering about with it.

I had mentioned a problem with scale - it just doesn't feel large enough. So a couple elements have been changed and added. First off, the "armor" the Titan wears has been simplified, makes it easier to texture. and it's a little more Mayan looking - it should be at least, I took it right from an actual Mayan statue.

So aside from a few tweaks here and there, streamlining the model and whatnot, the thing that should really help get a sense of scale - and give some added character to it - there'll actually be foliage growth on it. As if this thing is so old, trees and grass have begun to grow on it.

This is just my first pass at it, so by no means is this meant to even be close to the final version - just thought I'd post something.

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