Sunday, November 12, 2006

Known side effects of Delvian Demon Rum

Tonight we shot a rather important scene, basically it's where (hopefully) everyone gets to clue in to what's really going on. All the loose ends are more or less tied up and we proceed onto some actiony type scenes after a couple lengthy exposition scenes.

I hate exposition scenes by the way. They're hard to film and make look interesting, luckily when you're dealing with this kind of movie you can at least add some cool props and effects to help ease any potential boredom.

The shoot went longer then I figured, the bulk was over and done with in an hour or so, but when it came time for setups for some FX shots, what a bloody pain in the ass. I'd planned it out - or so I thought - pretty well beforehand, but I guess this was just one of those things that changes once you actually get down to filming it.

The only major problem we had, and this is actually the only major problem I think we've really had so far, was dealing with a silly bottle of glowing green liquid. Now that seems like a simple enough practical effect, right? Wrong, big piles of wrong. I thought to myself some time ago, "Hey, it's be cool to use the liquid from a glowstick." So I tested it, worked perfectly. That was over a year ago, and for some reason the laws of everything changed since then and we made a mess. The shot more or less works, so I'm happy with it, but this was easily the stupidest idea I've ever had. I got that crap on my hand and it burned and now my fingers are kinda numb. Very, very stupid.

This stuff says it's non-toxic - but how much non-toxic stuff actually melts paint and turns your skin white? If you learn one thing from reading this, you've now learned glowsticks are evil.

Otherwise, things were good. I had a bit of a headache so it was hard to concentrate. Moe was rather sick too I think, at least she was moving at the speed of a sick person. But she still got some pictures I think, I haven't seen them yet so I'll post those one I get them, but for now I've just got a few stills from tonight.

Malice shows up for a visit.
And brings some Delvian Demon Rum!
Grayson doesn't like what he's reading.
Another shot of a very long conversation.
And onto the vile green crap of doom.
While Malice plays with a voodoo spirit bomb.
And the glowing orb of something or other.
Ooh, it's radioactive!
“I should bring sample kit, this would be an excellent
opportunity to analyse the Bile Demon’s stomach fluids.”

And that's it for now. From what I can tell everything came out pretty good. I don't think I'll get around to editing it tonight, it'd probably come out like crap anyway if I did, I'm not really in the mood to wade through over 50 minutes of footage for a 4 minutes scene.

Since I'm uploading stuff, I thought I might as well upload some extra stuff from the photo shoot for the movie poster.

Heather and I discover we're shoe buddies!
I'm not really sure if that's a good or bad thing.
Draper yells at his agent, or he would appear
to be if he had one.
That's it, pet the nice camera. Who's a pretty camera?
One good thing about having real sharp weapons around.
They're good to cut things up with.
And now some various shots for Malice.
This one reminds me of why I decided to
have an eyepatch in the first place.
Snake Plisken!

And there you go. I had a whole pile more to chose from, just thought I'd post some of them.
That's it for now.


  1. Heather1:31 AM

    Wow...the first few pics of me have some....errr....great facial expressions!!!

  2. Yeah, you were very "facey" tonight, in a good way though - I don't think that's even close to a real word, but I think you get the point

  3. sick indeed. and very very cranky. up until showing up at dereks it had been a very angsty day. so i apologize for my dazed demeanor.

    right, the photographs. i'll get on that. i've been a bit pre-occupied today.